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Appeals, complaints and disputes

  • Should a client wish to make a complaint against the service offered by ACM EMB, they should, in the first instance, write to the Schemes Manager at the Head Office. The contact address can be found on the ACM EMB website at  
  • All complaints shall be duly recorded and reviewed; any corrective action thought necessary shall be communicated to the complainant, within a reasonable time-frame.
  • In the event of a registered organization or applicant wishing to appeal against any decision of the certification board under these regulations, it shall be within 21 clear days after having been officially informed of such a decision, giving notice in writing to the certification board of its desire to appeal against that decision.
  • A meeting of an appeal committee constituted in accordance with the regulations will be held within 30 clear days of receipt of such notice, and the appellant shall be given at least 7 clear days notice of the time and place of such a meeting.
  • The appellant will be advised as to the constitution of the appeals committee with respect to the individual candidature and shall be given the opportunity to object to any member of the committee. Such objections must be notified to the Schemes manager in writing, and the appeals committee will be duly re-constituted if upheld.
  • The Schemes Manager’s decision shall remain in force pending in any meeting of the appeals committee. At such meeting, both the appellant and the Schemes Manager shall be entitled to be heard in confidence. The decision of the majority of the appeals committee as declared by its chairman shall be final.
  • An applicant who satisfies the Schemes Manager that they are capable of compliance with these regulations and that the client carries out a bona fide business, and who gives to the Schemes Manager such undertakings as he may require shall, subject to the conditions of these regulations be entitled to a certificate which shall nevertheless remain the property of ACM EMB. Initial Certificates are valid from the date of issue for a period of 36 months. If an organization does not intend to renew its certificate it must notify the Schemes Manager in writing of its intention not to do so, at least two months before the certificate expiry date. An organization’s right to use the certificate is not transferable without the express permission of the schemes manager in writing.
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