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*How can I purchase ISO certification?

Indian companies can purchase the ISO standards from BIS website through following online sale portal of BIS Website:

Hard Copies of standards or DVD Copies of standard can be purchased online through BIS office.

*How long Are you contracted In ?

Normally the certificates are valid for 3 years. Surveillance audits must be conducted once per year during the period of validity of the certificate with the exception of the years when a recertification audit is performed.

*Why Do the Quote Request form Require So much Information?

Quotations are based not only the size of your organization, in terms of number of employees and sites, but also the scope of activities carried out by your organization and the subsequent risk factors according to the standard you require certification for, e .g environment, or health and safety risks of the activity carried out. Our quote forms are designed to give us as much information as possible to ensure our quote is as accurate as possible. We can complete the quote forms with you over the phone if you don’t want to complete them and can send a copy to you for your records.

*Cost of certification-When Do I need to pay? And what?

The quotation sets out clearly the costs involved at every stage. Upon application you will pay the Stage one assessment fee. ACM will then generate the invoice for the stage two assessment fee & this fee should be paid within 30 days of the invoice date, and in advance of the visit. Annual surveillance fees (which includes the surveillance audit) are then invoiced on an annual basis in April to cover all of your assessments for that year.

*How long will it be before get A Quotation?

Upon submission of pertinent information to ACM via either the Application Form or through telephonic interaction with an ACM representative, said details are forwarded to the ACM Technical Team for comprehensive review. Subsequently, a formal proposal is prepared and disseminated to your organization. The typical duration for the review process and the subsequent generation of a quotation is approximately one week.

*what Are you Average?

As per the survey conducted by Certify ISO, the average cost of ISO 9001 Certification in India approx.

*How many audits will be their for certification process?

For the ISO 9001/13485 certification process, there are typically multiple audits conducted at different stages:

  1. Stage 1 Audit: This initial audit is a documentation review to assess your organization’s readiness for ISO 13485 certification. It focuses on evaluating your quality management system documentation, policies, and procedures. The purpose is to identify any major gaps or deficiencies that need to be addressed before proceeding to the next stage.

  2. Stage 2 Audit: Also known as the main audit, this on-site assessment evaluates the implementation and effectiveness of your quality management system in practice. Auditors examine how your organization operates in accordance with ISO 13485 requirements. They verify the compliance of processes, procedures, and controls through interviews, observations, and document reviews.

  3. Annual Surveillance Audits: After achieving ISO 13485 certification, your organization is subject to annual surveillance audits by the certification body. These audits ensure that your quality management system continues to meet ISO 13485 standards and that any corrective actions from previous audits have been effectively implemented. Surveillance audits typically focus on sampling key processes and areas of the organization.

  4. Recertification Audit (Every Three Years): ISO 13485 certification is valid for a three-year period. Before the certification expires, your organization must undergo a recertification audit to renew the certification

*Do you provide consultancy?

As a NABCB Accredited Certification Body we have to remain impartial to your company prior to an Assessment to ensure you get the best value from your audit and avoid any conflict of interests. We can confirm that ACM does not offer any consultancy services.

We do however understand that you may sometimes need that extra hand to ensure you are prepared in time and ready for your Assessment. In such situation, you can choose any consultant published at QCI website & you can contact them directly.

*Is it possible to transfer the certificate from one certification to another certification body?

The accepting certification body must assess: The issuing certification body’s accreditation, as well as the previous work performed by the issuing

*what are the benefits of ISO certification?

Boost profit.

Identify gaps in your processes.

Implement consistent.

Repeatable processes.

Boost employees performance and productivity.

Define your company’s quality control processes.

*What would ISO consider A risk In the exporting business?

An example of a risk is completely and accurately completing the export document full licenses need to be in place. price fluctuation may also be a risk or an opportunity.

*What are you Average Timescale for visits?

The lead time for the initial stage one assessment is approx. 6-8 weeks from date of application. However this will vary according to the standards you require for certification.

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