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our Vision

ACM EMB PVT LTD is a full management system certification organization & provides a wide range of services against ISO 17021-1:2015 & relevant IAF Mandatory documents.

ACM is committed to work impartially, maintain the confidentiality, independence and leadership in Management System Certification , Third Party Inspection and Training services for the satisfaction of the customer, interested party and demonstrating the compliance in accreditation requirements of ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 and other accreditation Requirement of AB , through adhering to national standards set forth in these guidelines

Our Mission

To deliver confidence to Government, Business and the public by providing a world class accreditation service that:

  • supports the competitiveness of the country;
  • meets stakeholders needs by providing innovative, robust and effective solutions;
  • is fully accessible,  delivers customer service excellence and provides added value.

​UKAS will be impartial, agile and proactive in underpinning the national quality infrastructure, enabling the UK economy to thrive.

Our Strategy

Is to continue to strengthen our operations teams, developing the capacity and capability to exceed the expectations of our customers and stakeholders and deliver accreditation services to the highest quality and technical standards.

​We are continually optimizing new technology to improve our open, collaborative customer and stakeholder relations, and to develop UKAS into an even more flexible organization, with the capability and capacity to meet the increasing demand for accreditation. 

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